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Have Fun With Food

September 16th 2020

The phrase “you eat with your eyes first” holds especially true for kids. If you’re trying to introduce new foods or have a picky eater, try infusing extra fun into snack or meal time.

Ways to Make Food Fun

  • Make food interactive. Dips, seasoning or light assembly can make eating more fun.
  • Involve kids in planning the meal. Whether you let them help with some of the food preparation or let them pick the menu on a special day of the week, they’ll be more invested in the resulting meal.
  • Use special dinnerware. Choose a special cup, silverware or plate – allowing young family members to use special-to-them pieces can build excitement for the meal or snack.
  • Try themed meals. When the family is able to eat together, a theme can transform a meal into an experience. Themes don’t have to be hard. They can be breakfast for dinner, finger foods, eat by candle light or anything else your family would find fun!
  • Use fun shapes! Adding fun shapes can be as simple as cutting out the peanut butter sandwich with a cookie cutter, or as intricate as a Pinterest-worthy crafted snack.
  • Ready to play with your food? Use #mypricechopper on Instagram to submit a photo of family fun in the kitchen. It could be making something together, a fun food craft, or any other way your family is connecting through homemade food. Get started with an adorable owl snack with the instructions below. Photos received by 10/4 have a chance to win a Price Chopper gift card!

Rice Cake Owls

1. Cover rice cake in peanut butter.

2. Place two apple slice wings on rice cake at an angle, on opposite sides of the rice cake.

3. Add two slices of bananas at the top of the rice cakes. Add a little peanut butter to the bottom of two blueberries and place in center of sliced bananas.

4. Add a small triangle of cantaloupe below the banana eyes.

5. Finish by adding round cereal feathers below the cantaloupe beak and between the apple slice wings.

Owl Rice Cake Snack


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