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Easy Halloween Treats

October 18th 2022

Costumes, parties and candy - oh my! There are so many things to love about this time of year, and Halloween is a big one. Have some fun with the family with these easy Halloween Treat ideas. This year we focused on things you can easily create with store bought items. Low stress = more time for fun! 

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monsters 

What you need:

Chewy Chips Ahoy - 1 pkg.

Chocolate or vanilla frosting

Candy eyes.

What to do:

1. Spread frosting on cookie. Use more on one half of the cookie. This acts as the mouth.

2. Top with another cookie.

3. Use frosting bag (or ziploc bag with tiny corner hole) to add dots of frosting.

4. Cover frosting with candy eyes.

Note: (1) 13 oz. pkg of Chewy Chips Ahoy will make 12 cookie monsters.

Spider Donuts

What you need:

Hostess Chocolate Donettes

Mini twist pretzels

M&M candies

What to do:

1. Place mini donut on a plate.

2. Break off parts of mini pretzels until you have 8 legs.

3. Push legs into donut - 4 on each side.

4. Add frosting dots with frosting bag.

5. Cover frosting dots with M&M’s.

Spider Donuts

Reese's Bats

Reese’s Bats

What you need:

Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups


Chocolate or Vanilla Frosting- store bought or homemade

Candy eyes

What to do:

1. Unwrap Reese’s cups.

2. Break Oreos in half.

3. Scrape frosting off Oreos and into a bowl.

4. Use bag of frosting to pipe dots on Reese’s.

5. Top frosting with Oreo halves.

6. Pipe frosting dots on oreos.

7. Cover frosting dots with candy eyes.

Enjoy! Did you try these? Share your photos with us? Tweet us @my_pricechopper or tag us on Instagram or Facebook. 


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